Since our foundation in Sydney in 1944 the Book Collectors’ Society of Australia has been a focus for the sharing of enthusiasm by collectors and lovers of books of all kinds. It is a not-for-profit organisation and operates on a voluntary basis.

The Society meets four times a year at 2 pm on the first Saturday in March, June, September and December.   Meetings are usually conducted remotely by Zoom enabling participants from across the country to engage. See Meetings for further information.

The Society produces a quarterly journal, which started in 1947, titled Biblionews and Australian Notes & Queries. See Biblionews for further information.

In Victoria there are three or four meetings a year. The February meeting is usually a Show and Tell and is held at the State Library of Victoria. The Victorian members also host a dinner in April and they sponsor one or two talks during the Melbourne Rare Book Week.

Note: The Society does not trade, offer valuations or opinions on book collections. Please direct such queries to the book trade.